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"I started the Body Jakeover initially to lose a few pounds before my birthday. I could see results within just two weeks! My clothes fit better and I was able to fit clothes I hadn't worn since college. People were noticing my new figure and that was exciting. It gave me a new confidence."

~ Tuera C.

"After a month of the Body Jakeover workouts on my butt and thighs, I have to say I am impressed with my results. My butt is TIGHT and my thighs are RIGHT! Thanks Jake!"

~ Janice M.

"In the course of a month and a half, I lost a whole pant size by following Jake's nutritional guidelines. Usually, I would go on crash diets and then just gain the weight back, but this is definitely a lifestyle change and not a crash diet. Thanks for all your help Jake!"

~ Rose K.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Keep Your Resolution, Not Your Love Handles

The Never Ending Cycle:

January - You start out the year motivated. Your New Year's resolution is to finally lose weight and get into the best shape of your life.
February - You're hitting the gym hard, eating right, more determined than ever.
March - You're still going to the gym, but not as much as before, and you're sneaking in some french fries and cookies here and there because you feel you deserve it after working out so hard in January and February.
April - You forgot what your New Year's resolution even was because you're too busy trying to beat the lines at Shake Shack.
May - You've put on 10 pounds since New Year's, but with Summer right around the corner, you're now determined to lose it for the beach.
June - You've lost 5 pounds.
July - You've finally lost the 10 pounds you gained since New Year's, but really, losing the 10 pounds only brought you back to where you were prior to making your resolution, so you're still not satisfied with your appearance and you feel subconscious in a bathing suit.
August - You want to lose more weight, but the Summer fun has taken over and you are too busy partying and eating to hit the gym, gaining more weight.
September - You become determined again to lose weight, but the Summer is now over, so you immediately lose motivation and go to Burger King.
October - You stuff yourself with Halloween candy because you no longer give a f@#k.
November - You eat whatever you want since it's the holidays, and you curse the Body Jakeover, wishing physical harm upon me.
December - You tell yourself that you will stuff your face for the last time, and start fresh in the new year, putting on several more pounds.
January - You start the same cycle as last January, only now, you are even fatter than the previous year.

Sound familiar?

What's your New Year's Resolution? Let me take a guess. To lose weight? 9 out of every 10 people that I ask have that same resolution, year in and year out. Isn't it time to finally stick to that resolution in 2012, so that next year, you can finally devote your time and effort to a new resolution? Like learning a new language? Or sleeping with a black chick for the first time?

So how do you finally stick to your resolution this year? Now, I'm not going to bother with the basics for this post, like exercising regularly and eating right, as those are all givens that man has known since the beginning of time in order to stay in shape. The key here is MOTIVATION, and how to KEEP IT. In my opinion, staying fit is 2% diet, 1% exercise, and 97% mental. You lose the motivation, and the diet and exercise no longer exist. So how do you keep the motivation? Think about this...

LADIES, you walk into the club, the bar, the party, the bingo hall, and you're wearing a $300 pair of skinny jeans, or a new form fitting Givenchy dress. Heads turn, guys are drooling, girls are hating, you're feeling good, you're feeling sexy, and all the Facebook photos posted the next day look like they could be on the cover of Vogue magazine. Now ask yourself what tastes better, that, or a greezzzy slice of pizza?

GENTLEMEN, you go to the beach, take off your shirt, and everyone is forced to count to six. Guys are asking you for workout tips, girls are avoiding talking to you because they think you are full of yourself. But then, you talk to them and show them how cool and down to earth you are, and they feel they hit the jackpot because they found a ripped guy who is actually sensitive and intellectual. They leave their boyfriends and you enjoy many years of wild, passionate sex. Now ask yourself, does a cheeseburger really taste better than that?

Motivation. It's an engine that needs fuel, and if you don't fuel it, you might as well shop for larger jean sizes in advance for 2013. So this year, from January all the way until December, drop the hoagie and slurp up a nice bowl of confidence soup, minus the self-consciousness, and then ask yourself. What tastes better?

~ Body Jakeover - Know any cute black chicks?
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