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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Everybody Loves Santa Clause....But Nobody Wants to Bang Him

Yup, it's the holidays, which means Thanksgiving feasts, Christmas goodies, endless booze and leftovers for days, coupled with a hectic schedule and lack of exercise.  This is the perfect recipe for gaining weight, and ultimately, coming up with the same New Year's resolution, year after year, to lose all the weight you gained.

Now, don't get me wrong here.  I too understand the importance of good food, family and friends.  And, I too tend to have a busy holiday schedule which interferes with my normal workout regimen.  Therefore, I too tend to put on a couple unwanted pounds during the holidays.  So, no one is telling you to take time away from your friends and family during the holidays to run a hundred miles, and no one is telling you to not eat all of the foods that bring your family and friends together during these precious times.  However, here's an interesting concept that you may want to try this holiday season.  It's called, "Stop Eating So Damn Much."

Proven by scientists, nutritionists and personal trainers all around the globe, it has been proven that if you simply stop eating so damn much, you can significantly decrease the amount of weight you were to gain if you were to eat vast amounts of food at a time.  This method is particularly effective during the holiday season, because while a little weight gain during the holidays is inevitable due to the constant intake of high calorie foods, by not eating so damn much, you can actually lessen the amount of calories being consumed, while still enjoying those foods that you love, just in smaller portions.  Please observe the following formulas for reference...

1 slice of pumpkin pie (320 calories) x Eating 3 slices in one sitting = Consuming 960 calories
3 slices of pumpkin pie (960 calories) + Stop eating so damn much (-2 slices) = Consuming only 320 calories

3,600 calories (1 pound gained) x Stuffing your face = 360,000 calories or 10 pounds gained
3,600 calories (1 pound gained) x Stop eating so damn much = 10,800 calories or only 3 pounds gained

This is a fairly foreign concept to many Americans, but I urge you to give it a try next time you're at the dinner table.  While it may just seem flat out strange to many, it's not all that complicated, in that you simply stop eating once your stomach tells you that it's full.  This feeling of being full triggers a signal to your brain, at which point, you make the conscientious decision to stop eating so damn much.  If you are having trouble with this method, refer back to the formulas above, and with a little practice, you can successfully prevent yourself from being mistaken for Santa Clause at the mall again.  Happy Holidays!

~ Body Jakeover, GET SEXY
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