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"I started the Body Jakeover initially to lose a few pounds before my birthday. I could see results within just two weeks! My clothes fit better and I was able to fit clothes I hadn't worn since college. People were noticing my new figure and that was exciting. It gave me a new confidence."

~ Tuera C.

"After a month of the Body Jakeover workouts on my butt and thighs, I have to say I am impressed with my results. My butt is TIGHT and my thighs are RIGHT! Thanks Jake!"

~ Janice M.

"In the course of a month and a half, I lost a whole pant size by following Jake's nutritional guidelines. Usually, I would go on crash diets and then just gain the weight back, but this is definitely a lifestyle change and not a crash diet. Thanks for all your help Jake!"

~ Rose K.

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Put Down the Banana Bread and Put on the Banana Hammock

You're in the grocery store, you go for the white bread, but then you envision yourself at the beach in your bathing suit and go for the whole wheat bread instead. Now before you go patting yourself on the back, understand that going from white bread to wheat bread is pretty much like going from a D- to a D+ on a may be a little better than the other, but they're both still pretty bad. Confused?

Although your intentions were good, when you read the labels of both breads, you'll find that they are both made with ENRICHED flour. Enriched is a fancy word for "processed", and "processed" is a fancy word for "this kind of food will make you fat". In short, your body doesn't recognize processed foods because they are not natural, so in order to deal with this so called "food", your body digests it and turns it into blood sugar (glucose) so fast that it causes a spike in your insulin levels, signaling to your body that it has enough energy and can just store the glucose as opposed to burning it. If you paid any attention in Health class, you know that unburned sugar turns to what? FAT!

Solution: Switch to 100% Whole GRAIN bread. You'll know it's 100% if you read the label and it says 100% WHOLE GRAIN. Whole grains are more natural and digest much slower than more processed foods. So if you're eating bread and the label says "enriched" flour, then you might as well score a D on your next test. But if you make the switch to 100% Whole Grain, then you've earned yourself a A+.

~ Body Jakeover, GET SEXY
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