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"I started the Body Jakeover initially to lose a few pounds before my birthday. I could see results within just two weeks! My clothes fit better and I was able to fit clothes I hadn't worn since college. People were noticing my new figure and that was exciting. It gave me a new confidence."

~ Tuera C.

"After a month of the Body Jakeover workouts on my butt and thighs, I have to say I am impressed with my results. My butt is TIGHT and my thighs are RIGHT! Thanks Jake!"

~ Janice M.

"In the course of a month and a half, I lost a whole pant size by following Jake's nutritional guidelines. Usually, I would go on crash diets and then just gain the weight back, but this is definitely a lifestyle change and not a crash diet. Thanks for all your help Jake!"

~ Rose K.

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Keeping Your Muscles as Active as Your Social Life

NYC is all about fashion, but it should be all about fitness first. Why? Because it doesn't matter how much you spend on a Prada suit. If you're shaped like a pear, you're just going to be a pear in a Prada suit. At the same time, in cities like NYC, where so much is going on all of the time, it is especially difficult to maintain a continuous fitness regimen, and thus, difficult to maintain a killer physique. So, while you're trying to get or stay in shape, you may want your week to look like this:

Monday - Gym
Tuesday - Gym
Wednesday - Gym
Thursday - Gym
Friday - Gym
Saturday - Gym
Sunday - Gym

But in reality, any given week may end up looking more like this:

Monday - Stayed late at the office
Tuesday - Went out for a couple of drinks but it somehow turned into an all night booze fest til 5 in the morning
Wednesday - Too hungover to do anything
Thursday - Had to go to happy hour because that cute girl from work went, and stayed out all night despite never working up the courage to talk to her
Friday - Took a much less attractive girl out to dinner and spent the night at her house, and of course told all your buddies the next day that she was the hottest girl ever
Saturday - Figured that since the week is basically over, you'll get back to the gym next week, and justified being a bum all day and getting wasted at night
Sunday - Had plans to run in Central Park, but got a call from the unattractive girl to hangout, and you did, because you can't do any better

Sound familiar? Being in NYC, I too suffer from these types of weeks from time to time. However, if you find yourself in a time where the gym just never seems to make it into your schedule, there is something you can do to keep fit. Now I know you're thinking, F@*k that! I'll just take a break and get back into it next week! While taking a week off is fine every now and then, since you never know what the following week will bring in this city, you should try to keep your muscles ACTIVATED. The reason for this is, essentially, if you don't USE them, you will LOSE them. If this happens, over time, you may find that your former magazine cover body is now only fit for the radio, and you worked too hard for those muscles to let them slip away.

How can you stay activated? Example - If I can't get to the gym for a long period of time due to a hectic schedule, travel, etc., then I will give my muscles a good shock by knocking out 50-100 push-ups, or doing 20-30 pull-ups, or 100 sit-ups, or 100 lunges etc. While doing a some quick push-ups or squats is not enough to be considered a full workout and should not be depended on to keep muscles forever, it is enough to keep them active until the next time you can get to the gym. Doing some curls can activate your biceps, but you can also kill two birds with one stone by doing exercises like push-ups, which will activate both your chest and triceps, and pull-ups, which can activate both your back and biceps.

These exercises can be done anywhere, and can take as little as a few minutes. No excuses here, because no matter how busy your schedule is, if you have a few minutes to take a crap, you have a few minutes to bang out some push-ups. Think about that next time you're on the toilet....

~ Body Jakeover, Get Sexy
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