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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Not Getting Enough Sex? Maybe Some Sex Lines Will Help.

According to a recent, non-existent survey that I created in my head and that is based off of no real statistics whatsoever, 100% of women go crazy for visible "sex lines" on a guy. Never heard of the sex lines? Please see below...

These lines are also sometimes referred to as the "V-Line" or the "Y-Line".  There is no real technical term for them, or at least I haven't heard of one yet, but they are basically the lines that form where your lower abdominals connect to your hip flexors.  If you don't have them, my made-up survey will tell you that if you want every single woman on this entire earth to swoon every time you take off your shirt, you'll want to get them. So let's learn how.

In order to obtain the coveted sex lines, you have to focus in on the sex lines. This is hard for some, because it's in an area that not many people are used to focusing in on. Generally, the best way to focus in on the sex lines is to do exercises like hanging leg raises or reverse crunches, like so...

These types of exercises focus in on the lower abdominal region, as they are required to lift your legs.  Greater definition in your lower ab region will enhance the visibility of these lines, as they will accentuate the point where ab meets hip flexor. I like doing sets of 15-20 for 3 or 4 repetitions. You can also do these as much as everyday, as the muscles in your midsection don't need as much recovery time as other areas of your body. As your lower ab muscles increase in strength, you can challenge yourself by not letting your legs touch the ground on the reverse crunches, or not bringing them fully down on the hanging leg raises. It makes the exercise twice as hard, but you'll reap twice the benefits.

Lastly, while these exercises will help add to the definition of these lines, without a low body fat percentage, you will never be able to tell, because you will never be able to see them.  This is one of those rewards that is reaped as a result of healthy diet and regular exercise, which you can follow in my prior posts.  It's hard work, but it's well worth it in the end, as these lines seem to catch more attention these days than a six-pack itself.  Add the sex lines to your figure, and you will be compelled to buy jeans with a rise that is lower than standards after 2am. (Although, with your new sex lines, you shouldn't have to lower your standards for sex, right?)

~ Body Jakeover, GET SEXY - Lower Rise Jeans, Higher Standards
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